Drying plants by RHS

We approach our tasks with innovation, capability and experience in order to offer our customers individually planned and developed multi-container drying plants with added value.

Our fields of application are:

  • Biogas/agriculture: Drying of fermentation substrates
  • Municipal: Drying of sewage sludges
  • Timber industry: Drying of wood chips
  • Waste disposal and recycling: Drying of substitute fuels
  • Drinks industry: Drying of pomace
  • Rendering: Drying of meat meal
  • Paper industry: Drying of screen overflows

Our drying plants represent significant advantages in the handling of biomass. This is made possible by the modular approach we have developed.

Individual modules enable us to adapt the drying plant to suit the type of use and the requirements in each instance. The entire drying plant including its control room is integrated into a container that you can position anywhere.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Small space requirement
  • Semi-transportable
  • Quick to assemble and commission, only three media connections
  • Material can be supplied in liquid or solid form
  • Low electrical and thermal energy consumption
  • Low-maintenance and self-cleaning
  • Universal application

Our base product is the RHINO basic, which we offer in three sizes. Building on this, the RHINO plus offers the possibility of adapting standardised drying plants to further requirements, for example, for municipal use.

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