Machine and plant manufacturing

We make more than just dryers

We plan, customise, and fabricate metal parts, assemblies or complete plants.

As metal engineering specialists, in addition to building drying planta, we offer you the development, design, production and integration of interdependent system components in the field of machine construction.
We work closely with our customers to manufacture machines and plant concepts that match your requirements exactly, because only process steps that are individually matched to each other will ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. We construct all the necessary technical components individually, in accordance with functional necessity, in conveyor systems and connection systems.

Customer service is of great importance to us; we stay with you after the handover and commissioning of the plant to carry out maintenance and repairs.

RHS workshop and straightening press with bending tool

This is an electro-hydraulically driven workshop press for assembly or straightening works and for bending pipe brackets in conjunction with the bending tool. Bending tools that are suitable for the press for the production of pipe brackets can be ordered. The tools can be ordered according to DIN dimensions or to suit customer-specific bracket shapes. In this case the material thickness, bracket diameter, bracket width, bracket curvature and lug length can be freely specified.

Key data:

  • Max. pressing force: 45 t
  • Piston stroke: ≤ 400 mm
  • Piston speed: ≤ 10 mm/s
  • Cylinder piston rod: Ø 90 mm
  • Compression die: Ø 70 mm
  • Pump operation via hand-operated lever (3 positions)
  • Variable stroke speed
  • Net weight: 1500 kg
  • Accessories: RHS bending tools for production of pipe brackets

Spindle press with adjustable limit stop

The spindle press is designed to provide highly uniform pressure over the entire pressure plate. The knurled screws can be adjusted to set the end limit. This press is built with solid metal plates and precisely fitted slide bushes. The force is transferred via the handwheel to the spindle via a ball bearing onto the pressure plate. This makes high pressure easy to obtain.

The press was developed for test pressing in embossing. Before an embossing cylinder is milled, the milling is done on flat plates and manually checked. To do so, the milling plates are positioned on the spindle press and the knurled screws adjusted to the required height. The material to be embossed is placed between the plates and pressed by using the handwheel. Now the result can be evaluated and any necessary changes can be made.